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  • 90cm x 90cm x 90cm size, approximately 36″ x 36″ x 36″
  • 100% pure white high-duty nylon fabric round tent avoids reflections for clean and color-consistent images.
  • Translucent fabric gently diffuse the light from your light sources to prevent shadows.
  • Removable front door with slit for eliminating reflection of your camera len, great for photographing highly reflective objects such as silver and glass.
  • Removable top cover with zipper for taking photo from top.

Reflector Lamp Shades:

16″ standard reflector lamp shades polymerize most lights and reflect to your target item.
Built-in heat output holes for better cooling and protect the hot bulb.
Together with light diffusing cover can use as a soft box with your tent.
Together with studio umbrella can use as a power umbrella kit. It’s best to take photos for clothes or people.(umbrella not included.)

Light Tripods:

Color: Black

Maximum height is 7 feet, fold down to 28 inches for easy portability.

Professional quality aluminum frame with black satin finish.

Simple quick-release levers provide fast precise height adjustment.

Extra wide angle footprints with rubber tips for more stability.

Folding frame design for freewill lighting position setting and easier storage.

Non-reflective high-quality nylon.

Colors: Black, White, Red, Blue, Gray for best result.

5 backgrounds for 36″ Tent
Velcro design allows you to change the background easily and quickly.

Suitable for different objects photography by changing the background in seconds.

Different backgrounds offer for contrast with either dark or light objects, and creating an amazing field.

Carrying Case:

One carrying case for the whole photo kit.

Package Includes:

1x 36″ (90cm) Soft Light Tent

5x High-quality backgrounds

2x 105w Studio Energy-saving Light Bulbs

2x 16″ Lamp Shades

2x Light Stands

1x Carrying Case

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Written by burgessharry5

June 8, 2013 at 6:47 am

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